OLI Grinding Services

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Welcome to OLI Grinding Services

OLI Grinding Services provides onsite grinding services for sawmills, beef and dairy producers, farmers, and construction firms. Based in Southwest Missouri, we come to you! We make it easy and bring our grinding equipment to where you need us.

We have been offering our grinding services since 2012, and we are known for our quality of service and quick response. With OLI, you can make the most efficient and economical use of your available feedstuffs and meet your waste reduction needs in a safe and prompt manner.

Our Grinding Services

  • Hay
  • Crop residues
  • Whole tree grinding
  • Dry grain
  • High moisture grain
  • Salvage grain
  • Coarse wood chip regrind
  • Poultry bedding
  • Composting material
  • Mulch
  • Sawmill waste grinding
  • Wood chips
  • Vegetables
  • C and D waste grinding
  • Ear corn
  • Calcium Hydroxide application
  • Storm cleanup
  • Syrup silage

At OLI Grinding Services, we are meticulous in our work. We can complete the work on time, efficiently and quickly.